Moments that Matter: March 2014 Edition

Moments that Matter

Wild turkeys on the run in a Queenstown Field

The Chesapeake Bay region is a beautiful and captivating place to live. We’ve decided to share a glimpse of this with you every month in a new series called “Moments that Matter”. This series will give you an up close look at what life on the Chesapeake is all about. We will be featuring photos from our adventures, our family, and scenes from the Bay area. Hopefully this will give you a taste of what inspires us (and our food).

We’re kicking this series off with a look back at March- a month full of snow, snow, and more snow! In fact it will go down in the record books as our 5th snowiest March in history with at least one snow event every week, and a total of 19.8″ recorded at Dulles International Airport. Although March came in roaring like a lion, it went out more like a lamb (thankfully). We ended the month with milder temperatures and a little splash of sunshine- much to the liking of all Marylanders!

As the weather heats up and we are able to get outside, we look forward to sharing more “Moments that Matter” with you. This spring and summer will bring lots of crabbing, time spent on the Chesapeake Bay, gardening, sand covered beach days, picnics, farmer’s markets, and lots of other fun adventures!

We hope you enjoy this first edition of “Moments that Matter”, and we can’t wait to share more with you next month!

March in Maryland

Work boats are all frozen at the dock

March in Maryland

Making the best of the ‘polar vortex’

March in Maryland

Snow-covered sunset on the Eastern Shore

March in Maryland

Snowmen like warm hugs, right? According to Disney’s Frozen they do!

March in Maryland

Until next winter, Mr. Snowman!

A boy and his dog

Cold weather kept us indoors sometimes, but didn’t stop the fun! A boy and his (freshly groomed) dog

Sudlersville, MD

While on an adventure with my dad to get supplies to make bacon, we saw these neat little trains and had to stop to check them out. Sudlersville, MD

Sudlersville, MD

Exploring the railroad! Sudlersville, MD

Sudlersville, MD

While picking up pork chops fresh from the farm, we spotted this guy out enjoying the sunshine. Church Hill, MD

March in Maryland

The air might be chilly, but the sun was shining! We got outside whenever we could this month.

Maryland Sunset

The end of March brought a few warmer days, and some beautiful sunsets! ย Distant view of Annapolis across the South River

Quiet Waters Park

On an adventure exploring the trails at Queit Waters Park in Annapolis. Everything is getting a hint of green- spring is about to burst!

Quiet Waters Park

Wide open fields, sunshine, and blue skies- made for two happy little boys.

MTM March 2014

Scenic view of the South River, Edgewater in the distance

The trees are just about to burst open with beautiful flowers and fresh green leaves!

Maryland wild flowers

Spotted this gorgeous flower peaking out from the weeds while on a walk through the neighborhood.

Under Armour Baltimore

Shaun and I had a date night in Baltimore this month at the Waterfront Kitchen in Fells Point. It had been raining all night, but when we left the restaurant the rain stopped and we captured this amazing view from across the harbor. That’s the Under Armour HQ in the distance.




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12 Responses to Moments that Matter: March 2014 Edition

  1. I love this! My parents lived for several years in Easton so this post brought back many fond memories of the Eastern Shore. It’s crazy how your pictures transition from snow to the signs of Spring in one month! What a beautiful place to live. Thank you for sharing!

    • I was born in Easton and lived near there when I was little. It’s a beautiful place ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully next month we will be able to have pictures of flowers, sunshine, and more outdoorsy stuff!

  2. Wow what a cute idea ๐Ÿ™‚ Amazing pictures. I think I might try something like this on my own blog. Look forward to seeing many more of yours!

  3. Michelle says:

    Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I especially love the pictures of the snowman and his disappearance. He’s quite a magician. Although I’m in Northern Virginia, you’ve encouraged me to cross the moat into Maryland! Thanks for sharing and for the great motivation!

  4. ChiChi Loves says:

    Your pictures are so captivating. They make me want to pack up my bags and leave the city for a few days. I especially loved the snowman getting his warms hugs. Too adorable.

  5. Michelle says:

    Love your pictures! ๐Ÿ™‚ Michelle

  6. Looks like you had a fun month despite the weather! Thanks so much for sharing with the Let’s Get Real party.

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